His childhood years passed in Germany until the age of 6.5. In 1982, with the decision of his family to definitively return to the homeland, he settled in Aydın, Turkey. He completed his primary, middle, and high school education in Aydın. He developed a strong interest in music when he received a piano as a gift for his 4th birthday. With the guidance of his elementary school teacher in Aydın, his professional interest in music developed. Until completing high school, he participated in numerous music events. During his high school years, he formed a music group with his friends ERHAN BAYRAK and TİMUR ALP ATAK.

Participating in a competition organized by HÜRRİYET newspaper, he performed his own song “DAİMA” and won the first place in the Aegean region and qualified for the national finals.

Driven by a great passion and love for music, ERKAN decided to pursue a career as a trained artist. In 1993, he was admitted to Istanbul Technical University’s Turkish Music State Conservatory, where he settled in Istanbul. He wanted to achieve more on a professional and national level. In 1995, he participated in the POPSHOW’95 music competition, one of the most popular pop music contests at the time. He qualified for the final round with two songs, “DUR GİTME KAL” (performed with a vocal group) securing second place, and his solo performance of his own song “SENSİZLİK” earned him the third place. The attention he gained from this event led to a contract with RAKS PLAZA MÜZİK, one of the biggest production companies at the time. In September 1996, he released his debut album “İSTANBUL BEKLİYOR” consisting of 10 songs, which was well-received by Turkish pop music enthusiasts. He also released two music videos from this album, “SAHTE AŞIK” and “İSTANBUL BEKLİYOR”. Following the success of the album, he performed numerous concerts all around Turkey.

After an eight-year hiatus, in 2004, ERKAN returned to his album career with “ZALİM KADERİM,” a 10-song album. He released the song “BEN DÜNYAYA SEVMEYE GELDİM” from this album as a music video.

In July 2006, he released a maxi single titled “beş’te 5” containing five songs under the SEYHAN MÜZİK label. The standout song from this project was “GÖNÜL YARASI,” an adaptation of the world-famous song “TAMAALLY MAAK” by AMR DİAB. This adaptation, penned by ERKAN, garnered much praise and attention, opening doors for his music career.

In July 2008, he released a remix version of his first song “İSTANBUL BEKLİYOR.” The remix version received high acclaim from both the industry and listeners.

ERKAN’s musical journey was continuing swiftly. In February 2009, he, along with Sude Bilge Demir, produced the album “YEGANE,” which he described as “the most important project of my career.” The album was released by YAŞAR PLAKÇILIK and included the hit song “YEGANE,” originally by SEZEN AKSU. ERKAN’s sensitive and emotional interpretation of this song attracted the attention of music listeners, critics, and SEZEN AKSU herself. Following “YEGANE,” he also released a music video for the song “SAHİBİNDEN KİRALIK” from the same album. During the preparation of the third music video for the album, he received a call from SEZEN AKSU and collaborated with MUSTAFA CECELİ and SEZEN AKSU on the song “KIŞ MASALI DIZI MÜZİĞİ – ESMER.” The music video for this song, released in December 2010, became a big hit on the music charts.

After the soundtrack “ESMER,” he continued his music journey with SEZEN AKSU. In July 2010, he released the song “AŞK DANSI,” followed by “GÜL BAKALIM” in February 2011, both written and composed by SEZEN AKSU.

In February 2014, the song “BENİ YOLLARA YAZMIŞLAR” marked his first collaborative work with Aksu.

In June 2016, he released the songs “HOŞGELDİN” and “ARAMIZDA KALSIN,” describing them as a “happiness project.” These songs’ music videos, shot in a continuous take, became prominent in the history of Turkish pop music.

Starting his “ERKAN GÜLERYÜZ – ORGANİK” project in September 2016, the album was released in March 2017, with 13 songs all recorded live in a single take, each accompanied by a music video. The promotion and concerts for this unique project are still ongoing.

He initiated a competition on YouTube, providing an opportunity for amateurs through a project called HangiSes-Tube? This was Turkey’s first online voice competition, paving the way for talented individuals to achieve fame. The winner of the competition would record a song with ERKAN GÜLERYÜZ, which would then be released as a single on all digital platforms.

In July 2021, he released a single project called “Gülmek Gerek,” featuring Disco Funk and Funk versions, which received great acclaim from music enthusiasts.

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